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What People are Saying …

“I must say the cornmeal pudding is and was wonderful. I work in the White House as a chef, and we tried your recipe, it is good. So our next stop is to put it on our dessert menu here. Keep doing what you do and I will keep trying it here at the BIG HOUSE. – A.A, Executive White House Chef

“You are so lovely ! This recipe was the bomb. My husband says my cooking tastes different … in a good way! Your site has truly given me the knowledge I was looking for to become a better cook and try something new. I feel like an iron chef in the kitchen when I follow you. Thanks so much for sharing ! – Ronda

“This was delicious! My husband is Jamaican so I am trying out new recipes for him, and for my son to learn about the culture as well. My husband said it was great and my 3 year old son couldn’t get enough! Thank you from Vancouver.” – Tessa